About Us

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Why do we go to church?

It is not that we “go to church.” Instead, we can gather as the church! We gather to enter together into the mystery that is God.

At Resurrection, we worship in the rich tradition of the liturgy because, as we allow ourselves to enter into the words and music, the liturgy draws us out of ourselves and into God. The result of this practice, over time? We are transformed!


God’s Grace Is In The Gray

We believe that much of life is not black or white.
We see ourselves as both saints and sinners.
We hold fast to the spirit of the Law and the promises of the Gospel.
We worship using a liturgy that emphasizes Word and Sacrament.
We identify as living in the world, but not being of the world.

Many accuse our gray approach as wishy-washy,
we see it as grace, God’s amazing grace.
God wants all people to be saved; therefore
all are welcome in our congregation:
young or old, black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight,
married or single, native born or immigrant, full-figured or lean,
and our concern is not your past, but your future,
a future in relationship with God.

We welcome you to start that relationship here among us,
or if not here, then in another worshipping community.
Wherever you go, please remember to pass on the message:
God’s grace is in the gray!


Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a free wristband to wear
so you can help us share the message that God’s Grace is in the Gray!